Agent Alert!

On April 22nd, 2020, my whole world changed.

That may sound super dramatic, but everything I’ve ever dreamed of as a writer suddenly became within reach that morning.

For those of you who don’t know, DVPIT is a biannual Twitter pitching event where marginalized writers (those underrepresented in the publishing world) get a chance to showcase their stories in the hopes of snagging a literary agent to represent them.

Long story short, my pitch BLEW up. And I mean like reached-50,000-people-(according to Twitter Analytics)-including-some-of-the-biggest-names-in-the-literary-world blew up.

I couldn’t believe it. Suddenly, I had powerhouse agents privately messaging me, some of my favorite authors liking my story and people cheering me on from the sidelines as self-proclaimed “fans”.

*Cue gay panic*

So after a whirlwind of querying and sending off my book baby (and crossing all of the crossable appendages), I connected with my dream agent, Rena Rossner from The Deborah Harris Agency!

Right from the start, Rena was SO passionate about what I wanted to tell with He Was A Skater Boy and really understood the underlining heart of the story. And a fun fact, Rena was actually the very first agent to ever like one of my pitches (for a story I wrote three years ago). So, YAY universe!

We just officially signed the contract last week but I am SO excited to dive into edits and see what comes of all of this.


Stay tuned for more!

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